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GrataSoft™ Solutions turn tip compliance into strategic advantage - minimizing tip tracking and IRS tip program administration while minimizing audit downside.

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Patent Pending tools and processes, which increase value through enhanced operational compliance and material reductions in administrative burden.

Increasing value through tip compliance

If you are an employee, single or multi-site operator in any tipped service industry, accurate tip and tip-out tracking, processing and reporting has become a hot-button issue and appears to be on the regulatory rise.

GrataSoft™ Solutions Gratuity reporting and Tip Allocation software applications were developed to simplify and solve many of the intricacies and hurdles pertaining to the complex legal and operational requirements necessary to protect ones self or business from an IRS tip audit. When used with complete disclosure, they provide accurate details of all tip activity. The Restaurateur package combines tip declarations with inter-employee tip-out collection, reallocation, TRAC reporting, and TRDA and ATIP rule application, IRS Tip Allocation, all backed by signature authentication.

The system may be set to pay non-cash tips as wages, or pay gratuity as wages, and supports optional POS, Time clock and Payroll system integration.

GrataSoft™ Solutions software products allow hospitality operators and individuals alike to turn tip compliance into strategic advantage: improved morale, minimal IRS tip program administration, and increased security by potentially eliminating the downside of an IRS tip audit.