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GrataSoft™ Solutions turn tip compliance into strategic advantage - minimizing tip tracking and IRS tip program administration while minimizing audit downside.

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Patent Pending tools and processes, which increase value through enhanced operational compliance and material reductions in administrative burden.

Complete Personal Tip Tracking

If your employer does not use a GrataSoft™ Solutions application, you should first recommend to them the many reasons to do so. If you are a tipped or indirectly tipped employee who works for multiple employers or a single employer that does not provide you with accurate shift level tip and tip-out reporting, you need GrataSoft™ Solutions Persona. While the IRS recommends that all employees record tip and tip-out transactions, few actually keep up with the task. The Persona application greatly simplifies your task of tip tracking and management. It allows you to enter tips and tip-outs by employer and provide each with an IRS 4070 Employee's Report of Tips to Employer that may lower your taxable income. It provides you with shift level details of all your tip transactions that could prove invaluable in the event of an IRS tip audit of your working establishment.


Tracks tip-outs received from and given to your coworkers
Separates transactions by employer, coworker, date and meal period
Tracks Sales and Tips by payment type
Ability to separate gratuity sales and gratuities received


Personal Tip Tracking including Tip-Out Allocations and Receipts
Maintain tip, sales and payment data across multiple employers
Assign colleagues to one or more employers with different job tasks
Rapid-entry intuitive interface

Compliance Reporting:

IRS 4070, Employee's Report of Tips to Employer
IRS 4070/A, Employee's Daily Record of Tips

Personal Reporting:

IRS TRAC style comprehensive summary report
IRS 8027 style summary report
Tips received by contributor
Tips paid by recipient


Low Effort, high value, Comprehensive Tip Tracking
Ammunition against IRS sample period audits
Ability to reasonably contest estimated income claims
Substantiate reduced tip declarations below POS figures
Maintains years of IRS required record retention