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GrataSoft™ Solutions turn tip compliance into strategic advantage - minimizing tip tracking and IRS tip program administration while minimizing audit downside.

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Patent Pending tools and processes, which increase value through enhanced operational compliance and material reductions in administrative burden.

Increasing Value Through Tip Compliance

GrataSoft™ Solutions software for the tipped hospitality operator is designed to solve all employee tip tracking and employee tip administration, dramatically simplifying IRS TRAC, TRDA and ATIP tip program administration, while providing net tip and gratuity information for payroll use. The operator may choose to pay non-cash tips as wages, or pay gratuities as wages, as required by the IRS. Tracking of all tip-outs between staff is supported, as is the allocation of tips and gratuities between employees. These data are instrumental in GrataSoft™ Solutions complete IRS TRAC Statement automation, which includes inter-employee tip tracking. These data also provide employees with the benefit of IRS 4070A compliant daily record of tips, as well as many more application specific features.


Allocation of Tips and Gratuities between employees
TRAC: Statements which include inter-employee allocations
TRAC:  training topic and attendance tracking
Multi-Level TRDA Allocation: wage or percentage target
Multi-Level Sales or Hourly ATIP Attribution
Tip Shortfall Allocation: IRS Gross Receipts method
IRS 8027: Report Data Compilation
Payroll: Pay Gratuity or Tips as wages


Tip and Gratuity Allocation (inter-employee)
IRS Tip “Shortfall” Allocation
IRS TRDA Shortfall Allocation
IRS ATIP Attribution
Quarterly Training Status Monitor

Compliance Reporting:

IRS 8027 Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips
IRS TRAC Employee Statement
IRS TRDA Employee Deficiency
IRS ATIP Employee
IRS 4070A Employee daily record of tips
IRS 4070 Employee report of tips to employer

Management Reporting:

Payroll: Adjustment Summary
TRAC Training History
Declaration Deficiencies


Effortless Tip and Gratuity management
TRAC/TRDA/ATIP Agreement administration
IRS Audit liability insulation
Provide employees with complete daily record of tips